Mess Test

Why Should I take the Mess Test?

Business owners often do not realize which areas of their business need the most immediate attention as there are so many areas to develop in order to be a productive and successful business.  The Mess Test is a quick and great way to figure out those areas in your business that most need to improve. Simply fill out the test below, email us, and we will review your results with you at your convenience.

Please take the mess test by checking any "yes" answers below:

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Do you know your break even point?
Do you have quarterly or annual financial strategy sessions?
Are your Accounts Receivables less than 45 days old?
Do you have a process for following up with customers who owe you money?
Are you current on your bills owed to vendors?
Are you current on all your payroll-related obligations (tax payments, filings, compliance)?
Do you track your KPI (Key Performance Indicators)?
Do you use your financial data to help make financial decisions?
Do you balance your business checkbook monthly?
Do you undertake tax planning?
Have you obtained quotes this year for expenses such as insurance and merchant fees?
Do you have a will?
Have you paid all bills and payroll on time this year without any cash flow issues?
Do you have W-9 forms and workers comp documentation from your subcontractors?
Do have an employee handbook?
Are you protected against the loss of an owner or key employee?
Do you have a retirement plan in place for you and your employees?
Do you distribute monthly financials by the 15th of the following month?
Do you have a business plan?
Do you have a business line of credit?
Do you have quarterly or annual business strategy sessions?
Do you have a business succession plan?
Do you have well-established business credit?
Is your annual gross revenue over $1M?

Thanks for taking the mess test.  Before clicking Submit please count your "yes" responses.

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