Restaurant checkup

The Restaurant Profit Checkup

Your financial statements provide an abundance of information, but how do you use this information to improve your restaurant?  Most restaurant owners do not have the resources they need to conduct a thorough financial analysis on their business.  So we’ve created the BOSS Profit Checkup – a customized program designed to uncover and resolve financial issues and put more money in your pocket.

The BOSS Profit Checkup Will Help You:
  1. Maximize the cash flow and profitability of your NPO
  2. Find the hidden money in your NPO
  3. Continue to grow your NPO for generations to come
  4. Focus on and prioritize the action you need to take now to maximize your NPO’s sustainability and value.

5 Simple Steps to Increase Profitability
  1. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and engagement letter
  2. Our team reviews your books and records (Money back guarantee one-time $500 fee)
  3. You complete an online assessment
  4. We provide a detailed report with actionable recommendations
  5. You put at least $5,000 in the bank (10x Money Back Guarantee!)

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