Why Should I take the COVID Quiz?

Think of it as taking the temperature of your business.  You need to know where your business stands in the midst of this ill economy.  Small business owners often do not realize which areas of their business need the most immediate attention as there are so many areas to care for.  The COVID Quiz is a quick and easy way to know where your business stands.  You can then focus on areas that need attention and be better prepared for a strong COVID comeback. Simply take the quiz and see how well prepared your business is.  

Please take the COVID Quiz by checking any "yes" answers below:

Have you come up with at least 3 ways to pivot your business or capitalize on opportunities?
Have you looked at all expenses to see where cuts and/or savings can be made?
Have you communicated with your banker in the last 7 days?
Do you have a back-up funding plan?
Do you have a crisis management plan?
Do you have at least 6 months of monthly operating expenses on hand?
Have you hired a business coach to help navigate through these uncharted waters?
Have you found a mentor to help you navigate through these uncertain times?
Have you created or updated your marketing plan?
Have you read the following article?
198 Free Tools to Help You Through the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Congratulations!  You've in really good shape. 9-10
Good, but there's still room for improvement. 7-8
There's a lot more you can be doing. 5-6
You are showing signs of weakness. Time to shape up.  3-4
Your highly susceptible! It's time for boot camp! 0-2

Thank you for taking the COVID Quiz. We hope the quiz has helped you see areas that you can work on to have a strong COVID Comeback!  Take our "Mess Test" to see what other areas may need attention.

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