COVID Comeback for Small Businesses

There is no doubt as to the devastating impact that COVID-19 has had and will continue to have on small businesses globally.  With companies having to shut down for such extended periods of time, the devastating impact on small businesses and our economy as a whole will be felt for decades to come. 

The question remains, who will survive?  Take our COVID Quiz.

Just as an athlete spends the majority of their time developing and strengthening their bodies in order to ensure they run a good race, the same is true for businesses who want to continue to stay in the race.  The condition of your business will determine the kind of resilience your company will have in the face of this difficult race.  
Four Things Every Small Business Should Do to Ensure a Strong COVID Comeback.
  • Think like an Olympian - Take on a resilient outlook:  “I will succeed!”  Your mindset will determine what your business can and will do, so choose to believe and focus on succeeding. Going down is not an option!
  • Shed the Weight - To run a race well, you must eliminate any excess baggage that is weighing you down.  The difficulty of letting go can often keep you from reaching your full potential.  Despite the challenge, you must let go of the things that are holding your business back, be willing to take a hard look at what is not working for your business, and let it go.  This is a time for being lean.
  • Shape Up  Know your weaknesses and start working on strengthening.  If cash flow is an area of weakness like it is for so many small businesses during this pandemic, now is the time to utilize the SBA loan program for small businesses and build muscle.  This is the time to sweat and work hard, to build endurance which will give you the strength and the power to propel your business through these difficult times. 
  • Change Lanes – Be willing and open to change.  With life as we know it changing so quickly, a business’s ability to adapt will play a significant role in its ability to stay in the race.  Allow your creativity to flow so you can discover and generate new ways to run your business and do what you already love to do.
To ensure a strong COVID Comeback, businesses must take deliberate action to evaluate the condition of their businesses in order to better assess areas of weakness within their company structure because in the end the strong will survive.  A business cannot strengthen a weakness which it does not know exists. 

At Better Office Solutions, we are here to help small businesses.  If you are looking to run a successful race, you will need to first prepare and condition in order to run it well. The Mess Testis a tool we have put together to help you discover what is holding you back and keeping you from running a great race.

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