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Bookkeeping Services

Why do you even need bookkeeping services?

The accounting process is one of the easiest business processes for a company to outsource. The effectiveness of the Internet today makes having a back-office bookkeeper obsolete. If you are looking for ways to reduce overhead and focus on your core business, now is the perfect time to make the switch to outsourced accounting services.

Over 40% of America's largest businesses improve their profitability using outside service providers for their bookkeeping and financial functions. Due to technological advances, this same alternative is now available to small businesses. Firms using the BOSS solution are discovering that moving part or all of their bookkeeping and accounting functions to professional outside providers saves costs while freeing up valuable management time. In addition, BOSS customers have found the additional financial analysis provided with our service invaluable in helping improve their operations and profitability (visit our “MESS”timonials pages.)

  • Many small businesses rely on an in-house part time or a full-time bookkeeper for their financial needs. In many cases, these bookkeepers are not accounting professionals and often lack the experience and knowledge required to maintain accurate financial records.
  • Secondly, major issues arise when these bookkeepers quit. Business owners and managers often end up doing this work until a replacement is trained and found.

Escalating recruitment and training costs often make this an expensive proposition, particularly as these personnel often do not stay for long periods with the company. BOSS offers you a way out of this dilemma so that you can not only concentrate on growing your business but do so while reducing your costs by up-to 50%. Contact us if you are looking for a bookkeeper, wish to save money and improve the quality of this function for your business.


Benefit of Outsourcing Bookkeeping to BOSS
  • Certified, trained and dedicated full-time virtual accountants
  • Reduction of operating costs up to the tune of 50%
  • Best Available technology and industry-proven best practices
  • Flexibility with freed up valuable time & resources to focus on core business
  • Greater efficiency with quick turn-around time and quality standards
  • Elimination of recruiting, hiring & managing clerical staff
Tired of the revolving bookkeeper door?

Can't find qualified and properly trained bookkeepers?

Does your business lack timely, accurate financial information?

Here are the TOP TEN REASONS for outsourcing bookkeeping services to BOSS.

Key Benefits Use BOSS Hire In-House Bookkeeper Do Own Bookkeeping
30+ Years of Experience X    
CPA Access X    
Secure Worldwide Access to Data X    
Friendly Customer Service X    
Available Full Time X    
Offload Non-Core Function X    
High Quality Bookkeeping X X  
Reliable X X  
Internal Controls X   X
Reduced Operating Cost X   X
Reduced Overhead X   X
Save on Benefits and Training Costs X   X


BOSS has combined accounting and bookkeeping services with Internet based access to provide high quality comprehensive financial information for small, mid-size, and fast-growing businesses. Our accounting and bookkeeping services are performed by trained accountants while you remain in complete control of your finances from accounts payable authorizations to signing the checks. Our services provide a variety of benefits to a business owner.

As a business owner, Kevin Marshall, CPA believes that your time is best spent growing your business - working with customers, suppliers and your operating staff to improve your revenue and reduce your costs. Many small business owners spend over 20% of their productive hours on bookkeeping and related accounting issues. Time spent on these issues add little or no value to your operations and your customer/supplier relationships.