Securing SBA Loans
3 Things Small Businesses Should be Doing To Secure a Loan through the SBA Funding Program  
Caution Cleaning in Progress signage tipped over on the groundSmall businesses are seriously suffering from the impacts that the Coronavirus outbreak is having on our economy. The disruption in commerce has placed small businesses in a position they have never been before.   There is no knowing just how long this will last and when things will return to normal or what the new normal will be.  In the mean while, there are 3 things every small business should be doing to enhance their ability to secure a small business loan through the SBA.

Clean Up Your Books - your bookkeeping and accounting need to be up to date in order to meet application requirements. Don't let your books get dusty! We can help, take our "MessTest."

Connect with a Small, LOCAL Lender - small businesses need to maintain business relationships with their smaller, local banks.  You will get better service and attention for your needs.

Complete as Many Applications as You Can - your odds of getting a small business loan increases with each application.  Fill out as many as you can and see if one hits. 

This is a time to build up and strengthen your business so you can have a strong COVID COMEBACK!
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