COVID Comeback
In light of COVID-19, for small businesses the question remains, who will cross the finish line?  Cyclists racing to the finish line.
Are you thinking like an Olympian? 
4 Things Every Small Business Should be Doing to Cross the Finish Line.
  • Think like an Olympian - Take on a resilient outlook:  “I will succeed!” 
  • Shed the Weight - To run a race well, you must eliminate any excess baggage that is weighing you down. 
  • Change Lanes – Be willing and open to change. 
Take our COVID Quiz and see what kind of shape you're in.
An athlete spends the majority of their time developing and strengthening their bodies in order to ensure a well ran race, the same is true for small businesses who want to stay in the race. The condition of your business will determine the kind of resilience your company will have in the wake of this difficult race.  
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